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All our fruit tea are 100% cold pressed from fresh whole fruit


Apple Rosy

Cold pressed apple. Italian rose tea. Berries toppings

Fizzy pineapple

Cold pressed pineapple. Signature fizzy green tea. Chia seed. Lychee topping


Cold pressed grapefruit. Ginseng. Pomelo

Cold lemon smash

Cold pressed orange. Smashed lemon. TeAmo aged black tea. Passion fruit toppings


Hot ginger apple

Cold pressed apple. Ginger. Italian rose tea

Hot cantaloupe milk tea

Cold pressed cantaloupe. TeAmo Aged black tea. 100% Alberta milk. Tapioca pearl

Hot lemon smash tea

Cold pressed lemon. Orange. Grapefruit. TeAmo aged black tea.

Slush Smoothies

Cantaloupe milk tea

Fresh cantaloupe slush. TeAmo aged black tea. 100% Alberta milk. Tapioca Pearl

Pina Apple

Fresh pineapple slush. Cold pressed apple. Signature fizzy green tea

Grapefruit rose

Fresh grapefruit slush. Italian rose tea. Berries toppings

Extra Toppings

Tapioca pearl

Everything's BETTER with bubbles

Chia seeds

Healthy choice 

Cheese top

It's like adding a cheese cake on top of your drink! 

lychee jello

It's vegan. It's gluten free. It's YUMMY

lychee pearl


cold pressed ginger

Please spice it up

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